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Our Specialties

Bright Minds Learning Centre will work with you to personalize and design unique classes that will match your learning style and help you reach your academic goals. We cover a wide range of subjects for students from ages 5 - 15 to choose from. Review them below.



We provide tutoring for your particular Math needs, customizing our lessons and strategy to accommodate your level of experience and curriculum demands. We use interactive online manipulatives and programs to engage learners in a fun and memorable way. We ensure a safe and effective experience for all students and families.


At Bright Minds Learning Centre we are knowledgeable and experienced and we are available to provide one-on-one guidance in Writing tutoring from the comfort of your home. Writing classes help students to better understand organization, structure, and content within a writing genre. From narrative stories to research essays, our writing classes have you covered.


We are here to help learners whether they are struggling within their reading or searching for a place to explore new books. We are equipped with the an array of learning materials and best practices which help students see positive growth within their reading scores. We’re ready to help you succeed within your reading journey.

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Helping students improve their spelling and grammar understanding. We understand that a strong foundation in basic phonics skills is an essential  building block for becoming a better reader and writer. If your child needs to master their spelling and grammar skills or even maintain them, then this spelling and grammar class is the place to start.


Everyday, we are surrounded by science and technology. At our learning centre, we aim to help students grasp new and possibly complex topics, so that they can better understand the world around them. Our goal within this class is to help learners build critical problem solving skills and continue to develop their exploration skills needed in the 21st century.


Fascinated with a certain period of history? Looking to dig deeper into a concept? Bright Minds Learning Centre is here to help! We make sure that Social Studies classes are more than memorizing maps, dates, and historical events. Our goal is to create classes on topics of your choice which enable learners to draw connections from the past to the world they live in today.